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This web site is under permanent construction and needs your help in form of your participation. The site is multilingual and you are invited to send your contributions - texts, images, links etc. - in any language or format you like.

>>karl marx - a reading seminar<<
tries to host a discussion on the subject of "Ware" ( product, commodity) "Arbeit" (work) and "Kaptial" departing from paragraphs and specific selections from the text. To what degree is Marx's genealogical anatomy of commodities, work and capital still accurate under our globalized and super-technological conditions? Parts from the original text will be posted and can serve as a starting point for discussions.

>>I like Marx / I hate Marx<<
allows to write whatever comes to mind on this subject. Please feel free to write whatever you think, feel, or would like to advertise. Web site links are as welcome as pictures or detailed accounts from experiences with countries that used Karl Marx's books for making all kind of politics.

>>on the road<<
is a project that shows pictures and some video passages from my reading seminars held in different places. So far I have held six Karl Marx Lesen seminars: Kiel, Innsbruck, Oslo, Frankfurt, Toulouse and Arnhem and more are to come over the coming years. If you are interested and do have a small group of interested people or students who are willing to read with me for a certain time Karl Marx, please contact me:

>>karl marx - an exhibition<<
An exhibition at Baumgartner Gallery, New York 2001


Since I am not a traditional content provider the result of this construction site depends not just on me but also on your participation. I would like to express my thanks to all my contributors who I am not able to list all and all the following people who have helped me so far directly in the realization of this project off line and on line: Hannes Brunner, Kiel; Hubertus von Amelunxen, Kiel; Guenther Dankl, Innsbruck; ty1, Innsbruck; Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Atlanta; Nicolas Schafhausen, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt; Rosemarie Schwarzwaelder, Galerie Naechst St. Stephan, Wien; Pascal Pique, Les Abattoire, Andrea Mayr, Gisela Ehrenfried, Wolfgang Staehle and major sponsoring by BBS.THING. ( and many more....

Rainer Ganahl (opened in 1999)