---------------------------------- ----------------------------ORIGINAL WEB SITE created in early 2000








---------------------------------------Welcome to a web site by Rainer Ganahl


The original part of this web site has not been changed for the last 10 years and was conceived as part of an art work - together with this neon-piece with the same title.



Since the esthetic is so simply and made for low powered computers I decided to not change the original part and leave it as such: see here original web site

My interest in Marx has always been a big one. Already as a student I embraced Marx who really turned my life upside down. Until recently the only use of Marx I made with reading seminars -- see original web site --- and nothing more. But over the last years Marx has entered again my artistic spectrum and I keep "exploiting" it.


Sevilla Biennial 2006

Marx reading seminars


I HATE KARL MARX: a video 2010




PROPER TEA IS THEFT : tea and china, 2010



wow.he hates Karl Marx : jewelry 2010




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