KARL MARX LESEN: working men have no country

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Posted by rainer on April 23, 1999 at 17:32:23:

I just went to get my English copy of the
Manifesto for 4 dollars. It is the old reprint
from 1970 and not the new Verso edition that is
right now used for decoration in a variety of
Manhattan‰s fashion display windows. Marx as
fashion display by Verso!!.

So riding in the subway, I was interrupted by a
Pakistani ma n, just when reading: ‹The working
men have no countryŠ. This Pakistani man asked me
in a rather helpless manner for advice, whether he
should live with 4 other people in New Jersey for
150 dollars or in a small room by himself also in
New Jersey fro 250 Dollars a month. He works at
Kinkos for 300 hundred weekly, making photocopies.
He came a year ago to the US and left his family
behind in Pakistan.
I guess there is no better evidence or
‹illustrationŠ of how right Marx anticipated the
full effects of full fledged Capitalism: working
men AND IN PARTICULAR WOMEN have NO country, are
pushed around by market forces... (labor is
obviously the market commodity number one... also
something we learn from the Germans)

by the way - the Manifesto, by Marx and Engels,
came originally out in several languages...

(taken from#rainer`s reading seminar# (bbs.thing.net)

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