Green Marxian Androids

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Posted by Dr. Xylene Tektor on February 26, 2001 at 05:46:19:

At my web-site you may or may not find the project encounter M-73 a_EMD-GRN-MRX-BOT.

This was basically an historical account of the date 18-24-5634 in Teknossos when the shopping mine allowed an indexed 6-br4e splice-chain of the communal day-dream of one Robesphere Unguiculata to be realized. The day dream consisted primarily of a type of android whose physiology was basically plantean but whose algorhythmic consciousness was derived from advanced locational heuristics and semantic combinatorics derived from Marxian fragments. This Green Army marched through Teknossos with great fanfare
behaving much like a kind of cult of Johnny Appleseeds.. And indeed there was a meeting with the Johnny appleseed cult at one point.. and several of the Marx androids actually joined the Johnny appleseed organization.. The Marxian Plant-bots were basically going around planting pods that when mature are basically another Marxian Android.. they after all do produced oxygen and their embedded rhetoric often sets many a burgeoning cult or community to doing more collectivist projects.. The council on the shopping mine's errata have allowed the species to propagate..
An interesting mutation of the species recently has been the growth of an enormous composite Baobab-tree-like being whose collective branch-works have taken the form of Karl Marx's physiognomy.. The giant Tree Karl does internal fruit experiments producing a variety of completely unique and nutritious snacks. Also recently, a whole host of free-living monkeys especially ones gifted with speach and the characteristic long white goatee of the marxian ape has naturally begun to cohabitate.. Although mostly derived from Benoban socio-mathematik gradients
these Marxian apes take their social collectivisation very seriously... They all salute very ceremoniously the giant Karl head before and after every orgy.. which is about 90% of their day. more news later as archived reports from this ancient time become available..

many reports can be randomly attained by ingesting the sequence numbers XcTTe3 and perusing the iconic trigger modules at the port /solipsis.. these will spontaneously generate many historical reports many related to the Karl Marx Plantean Androids and also the Shopping Mine.. the demiurgic spectacular artificially intelligent neomorphic generator cybernetically linked to everyman's sleep module.

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